Monday, February 11, 2008

10 Ways to Be More Creative

"Creativity is our birthright. It is an integral part of being human, as basic as walking, talking, and thinking." John Daido Loori, The Zen of Creativity: Cultivating Your Artistic Life.

Objective: To inspire authenticity, creativity, and elegance in communication.

Target Audience: Students, friends, students who are friends, friends who are students, etc.

10 Ways to Be More Creative

1. Realize that you are meant to create - being creative is not something just for professional artists. In places where life is less predictable than it is in the U.S., creative responses to the unexpected are obvious tools for survival. In most parts of the U.S., the need to be creative on a daily basis is not so apparent, but it's real!

2. To sharpen your creative focus you need to make the conscious decision to do so. That means making a change in your routine. You cannot do what you've always done and expect a different outcome. That is insanity. Look for opportunities to get closer to the good life.

3. Turn off the TV. Watching television is passive and the programming is highly formulaic. It also shortens your attention span and encourages non-creative responses.

4. Find a piece of cardboard or a poster and make a collage from magazine pictures. Designers and decorators recommend this to help you visualize your aesthetic preferences, your taste.

5. Write something. A letter to someone. A list of new things to do. Why you are grateful.

6. Eat breakfast. Low blood sugar does not help you create and can put you in a negative mindset.

7. Be careful about multitasking. Your brain cannot focus on multiple activities at the same time, you can do several things together, but thinking requires a focused mind.

8. Visit an art gallery or museum. Look at something different.

9. Get outside....even if it's cold. Go for a (brief) walk.

10. Subscribe to Word of the Day. Language is power and more vocabulary is more power to create.

Bonus Item: Being creative can save you money!

There are countless other ways you can develop your creativity. Christine Kane's blog has a good list. Mixonian would love to see your suggestions. Happy Monday!