Monday, June 8, 2009

Triangle of Audience Love

You may not be familiar with the triangle of audience love; not many people talk about it.

The fact is, the more you relate yourself to your topic, the closer your audience will feel to you.

You and your audience are at the bottom 2 angles and your topic is the top angle. The more you related yourself to your topic, the closer you your core audiences gets to you.

Let's pretend you're teaching a cooking class. People who love to cook are in your audience, but within that "love to cook" category, there are more specific attractor factors to cooking. Some are more interested in nutrition, some in easy meal preparation, some in entertaining, and some in showing off.

When you share with your audience what attracts you to your topic, you invisibly reach out to the people in your audience who share the same value for what you're talking about.

Will others feel left out?

Not really. The more the expert shares her personal side that is relevant to the presentation, the more stronger the relationship becomes between the speaker and the audience.

Start your presentation by telling your audience what you like about the topic. Your fans will go wild!