Monday, September 14, 2009

21 Reasons to Be Bodacious

Bodacious is the combination of "bold" and "audacious". I understand George Bernard Shaw invented the word. The truth is you don't have to wear fire-engine red lipstick to be bodacious. You can even wear Birkenstocks and eat granola every day while being bodacious. You could even be a bodacious cloistered nun - there's one in Alabama who runs a television station.

It's really about living life with gusto, savoring each day, and doing what you came here to do.

1. If you focus on being bodacious, you have less energy to waste time worrying about things.

2. Bodacious people have more fun.

3. You'll never be bored.

4. Make more money.

5. Laugh more....especially at yourself.

6. Attract other bodacious people into your life.

7. Be a better parent and grandparent/aunt/uncle/etc.

8. Sleep more soundly. (Being bodacious takes energy!)

9. Have more interesting stories to tell.

10. Inspire and encourage others.

11. Attend fewer meetings.

12. It's a healthier way of life.

13. You might become famous, or infamous.

14. In any case, other people will talk about you more.

15. You can help others heal.

16. Your presentations are more engaging.

17. Less need for therapy.

18. Learn more.

19. Feels wow.

20. Ask more, receive more of what you want.

21. It's a creative way to live.