Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Checklist for High Impact at a Meeting

I ran across a student today who told me about an upcoming performance review meeting she was about to have at the business where she was an intern. I thought this checklist would be helpful to those who have upcoming job interviews, performance reviews, important client meetings, or any encounter where you really want to make a great impression. Once you get your foot in the door, this can take you to "open sesame".

Checklist for High Impact at Meetings

1. ___ Dressed for the occasion.

2. ___ Paper/notebook and pen for taking notes. (Some executives look for this!)

3. ___ Three things I do quite well. (You can write it down, see #2.)

4. ___ A concrete example of one of the above, or two or three.

5. ___ Three questions about the company/client/situation/whatever, (can write, see #2.)

6. ___ A book I recommend, even if I haven't read it, I just heard great things about it.

7. ___ A professional handout on my ideas and suggestions for the situation.

8. ___ Something funny or particularly pertinent to share with the others at the meeting.

9. ___ My homework. That means prior research, perhaps an assignment.

10. ___ A big smile.