Saturday, March 22, 2008

How We Impact never know

"Help heal society's brokenness by using your artistry. Living on the creative edge means daring every day to dream of a world beyond the socially constructed barriers that imprison and divide us." -- Danny Glover

A few years ago I wrote a paper on the the movie, 13 Conversations About One Thing (2001). This movie was written by two sisters, Karen and Jill Sprecher, whose last name appropriately means "speaker" in German. Hmmmm..... It's a wonderful movie about how decisions, attitudes, and actions, affect others in ways we never know. The movie focuses on minor and major events in the lives of four different people. These events, in turn, affect other characters, in some cases profoundly, without each other knowing why or how.

That's also Mr. Glover's message in the above quote. By working creatively, we can actually make the world a better place, even if we don't always perceive the effects of what we do.

We can't go around worrying about the potential consequences of our daily minor decisions. It doesn't seem a consequential matter whether we eat Twinkies or home-made granola for breakfast. But actually even that apparently trivial decision will affect others, like when your blood sugar plummets after eating less-than-ideal breakfast foods, and you get grumpy. Believe me, other people notice.

Just one more reason to create, to imagine, to explore, to write. You may help someone besides yourself.