Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Inspiring Grandmother

I'm developing a workshop for some of my students entitled (tentatively), Smart Divas' Guide to Life. It's dedicated to my grandmother, who celebrated her 90th birthday this past Christmas.

One Friday afternoon on a dreary February day of this year, I called her just to check in. I could tell she wasn't as chatty as usual, so I asked if anything was wrong. She told me she was just busy- she was having 30 people over for a sit-down dinner that evening. When I expressed surprise at her having so many people over, she assured me that it wasn't that big of a deal because the guests were bringing the food. She only had to set up place settings, centerpieces, get the house clean, prepare drinks, coffee, and clean up. It was a wonderful opportunity for her to use her fine china and crystal. Not a big deal.

About a month later, some 10 days ago, I called her again and asked how her dinner for 30 guests had gone. She replied, "You mean the dinner party for 35?" It was lovely, the table decorations were fine - she used sunflowers. When was the last time you had 35 people in your home for dinner?!? She inspires me.