Saturday, May 3, 2008

15 Ways to Be Even More Creative

You create your own universe as you go along. -- Winston Churchill

Imagination is more important than knowledge. -- Albert Einstein

Everybody's got creativity. It comes with the complete human being package, regardless of the version you own. Mixonian readers realize that of course, and seek to develop their creativity, to create at a higher level, both in quantity and quality. For now, we are loosely defining creativity as forming new relationships among people, ideas, and things. This creative process works at the office, on the farm, at home, everywhere. Keep in mind that creative development is not a linear process, but holds more of a circular or spiral form. It's a part of spiritual and mental renewal.

1. Commit to being even more creative. Just make that decision. The ways of carrying out this mission will appear, actually they're right in front of you at this very moment, you just need to see them.

2. Continue your process of spending less time with electronic media. To create new relationships, you need to free up space in your mind.

3. Take a break from reading. What? you may ask. Aren't we supposed to watch less TV, and read more? Yes, you are correct, dear reader. However, even reading can be a way of not creating.

4. Fear not idleness. Unplugging yourself from others' messages frees you to develop your own message. Remember the rests that are written into the musical composition. Creativity flourishes in a pattern of conscious thinking, followed by relaxation.

5. Write daily, even if writing is not "your" medium. It's not going to be graded. It matters not if you're dyslectic. Get your ideas out there, make room for new ones.

6. Feed your creative spirit. It requires exposure to something outside the usual routine.

7. Spend time with other people who are highly aware of their own creative force. They will inspire you, and vice-versa.

8. Make a little sign that says "create". Or it could say "I am creative" or "Be creative". Make it attractive and display it prominently someplace. It could be on your desk, in your bathroom or kitchen, or in your car. It's a friendly reminder of everything on this list.

9. Take a hike. Or go on a walk. Get outside.

10. Think about where you want to direct your creative force right now. Do you want to think of a new way of teaching some material? Working with your clients? Entertaining? Decorating? Gardening? While creativity flows into all areas, it can help you to focus on the place you want to see results.

11. Make one healthy substitution in your diet. Remember the mind-body-spirit connection. It could be whole grain rice for white rice. Steaming spinach instead of sauteing it. Just one change that you know is healthier for you.

12. Clean out a drawer.

13. Download, or buy elsewhere, a new type of music. Listen to it.

14. Abstain from humongous department/discount stores for a time. It's okay to pay a bit more, and buy less. Try a smaller store, especially if it's independently owned.

15. Write your own list of ways to be more creative.

Have a super week-end.