Monday, May 26, 2008

Knowledge Is Power

"Knowledge is power, if you know it about the right person." -- Ethel Mumford

Well, having the dirt on someone is not exactly what I usually have in mind when I think "knowledge is power", althought that certainly could be useful. Here are some other circumstances when knowledge is power:

-- when you're not worried about touching water after ironing.

-- when you know it doesn't matter whether you eat cake with a dessert fork, or a dessert spoon.

-- when you don't know the latest scoop on the latest celebrity, and you're not even sure who the latest celebrity is.

-- when you realize that your abundance does not come at the expense of others', nor vice versa.

-- when you realize that what we think of as success is in the here and now; it's not a future destination.

-- when you know you can accept greater responsibility for your feelings.

Mixonian wishes all a wonderful Memorial Day. We appreciate the services of our soldiers to bring more peace into the world.