Saturday, May 10, 2008

What Men Say, What Men Mean

Dear Readers. The following was the second-place blog post in the April contest. It was written by a talented former student, Robin. Her blog address is at the end; she's got a fabulous sense of humor.

As I get older and traverse through the different types of guys out there, I find that they all hold one thing in common—the inability to tell women the truth. Whether to further their agenda or exonerate themselves from the responsibility of our feelings, guys everywhere are feeding us lines every day.

The “I’ll call you” line: We’ve all heard it and we’ve all been disappointed when that call never came through. Some of us have fruitlessly waited by the phone, hoping to will it to ring—a perpetual jab at every girl’s self esteem—and some of us even mistakenly called, only to be ignored. In the end, the guy knew he wasn’t going to call, so why say he was going to? Well, because he thought that it was what she wanted to hear. But the thing is, we don’t want to hear those three little words if they aren’t true.

The “I’m just not looking for a girlfriend” line: It’s cute. It’s convenient and freaking fabulous. The truth in this line only lies in the fact that they are afraid to admit the truth, which is he just doesn’t want you to be his girlfriend. Why can’t all you boys, sorry, men, come out with the truth? You’re not interested, just say it, and don’t cover it in an expedient lie that you will later contradict when you start dating your ex-girlfriend again.

The “I’m just really busy” line: We’re all really busy, so this makes for a poor excuse for why something isn’t being done. He didn’t show for something, he forgot to call, he forgot to mention he started dating someone else—“I was just busy” is a catch all excuse for all these instances and more. Really, he was too busy trying to think of a mediocre excuse that he forgot to tell you that he just wasn’t thinking about you.

In the end, the only thing evident in the way men talk to women is that lingering deep in every line is a strategic cover for what they’re really thinking. They blame us for playing games, but they don’t even have the balls to really say what they want, leaving us to decipher through their actions what they really meant—a murky, gray area causing the onset of futile “games” every where. Stop wasting my time.