Monday, April 20, 2009

Being Noncompliant: Just Say "No"

Just to get you thinking, try saying "no" to every single request today. Just for today. You can always offer an alternative, or just remind the person that you're already overwhelmed.

Sample dialogues:

Child: Mom, can we have hot dogs for dinner?

You: Not today, dear, maybe tomorrow.

Boss: Can you have this ready for me by this afternoon?

You: I'd love to but I'm already busy with the XX project, how about for Thursday afternoon?

Spouse or S/O: Honey, can you pick up the dry cleaning today? I need that jacket for tomorrow's trip.

You: I'd love to, dear, but I just can't make it by there today. I'm sure the other jacket will be fine.

Friend: Can you buy some tickets for spaghetti supper this week?

You: I'd love to but it's just not a good time. I'll be sure to donate next month, just remind me.

Colleague: Could you look at my presentation slides for me? Your feedback is always right on.

You: I'd love to, but today is not the day. Try me again later.

Teenage Child: Can you lend me $10? I'll pay you back next week!

You: Sorry, dear, but you still owe me from the last time.

It's that easy. Just takes practice. Have fun with it.