Sunday, April 5, 2009

Growing Pains in Today's Economy

You probably remember those strange old pains in your legs and arms...your parents told you they were "growing pains." Sure enough, soon afterwards, you needed new clothes.

Businesses and all organic organizations also experience "growth pain" -- but it shows up differently. It's still painful.

Organizational growth pains often manifest in a systems breakdown. It could be the computer system, the parking system, the production, whatever, things simply cease to function well because the system is under too much stress.

In case you're wondering what growth pains have to do with a communication and personal development blog, it's a great excuse, and actually the real reason, for having disappeared for a few days.

Growing pains of this tiny-but-mighty enterprise led to several systemic breakdowns last week, which temporarily halted the production of blog posts that enlighten, engage, and entertain, as well as any other sort of blog post.

As dear former President Clinton would say, "Mistakes were made." Management is taking steps to upgrade some of the operating systems to keep this from happening in the future.

As Mixonian always looks on the bright side, consider this: if you haven't had any growth pains lately, maybe you need to look for a new way to grow.