Friday, April 24, 2009

Taking Your Personal Wow Inventory

Have you noticed that this year is whizzing by? It seems like my son's birthday, which is appropriately on the first day of this month, was just 5 minutes ago. We are almost to the end of the fourth month of this year.

Are you getting any "wow" stuff taken care of? Things that delight you?

For me, reading a good book can be wow. Like The Four-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris. Or The Vein of Gold by Julia Cameron.

Sometimes it's, "Wow, I get to go to bed early tonight.Yippee!"

Or, last week, "Wow, we're in a real a big city. Hot diggety!"

There are two perspectives on taking your own personal wow inventory. One is that you've got to get your appreciator turned on, so you can actually experience delight.

The second thing is you usually have to plan, or schedule in, some wow experiences. They do happen on their own, but planning for them is often half the fun.

There are big wows - the trip to Paris, a small wow can be getting take-out dinner from your favorite restaurant.

Small wows are easier to do, and even more easy not to do. Thinking, I'm too busy/broke/tired/committed to have a pedicure this month. Six months later you still haven't gotten your toes done. Six decades later you wonder why you never got a pedicure, or got them so rarely.

Homework: Finish the following sentence 20 times.

It would be so cool/wonderful/interesting to ___________________.

This is a responsibility in your lap, I can almost promise you your boss doesn't give a flip about your personal wow inventory.
The photo is of one of Sally's wows, a long week-end trip to the NC coast.