Thursday, April 30, 2009

Getting Your Groove Back on Track

Let's face it; stuff happens. It's part of life and it all works out in the end. But, from time to time, people expect things from you that you don't feel like delivering, at least not at that moment. And the fact that delivering the whatever (report, class, presentation, product, hair cut) is part of your job doesn't immediately help your energy level.

That's why Woody Allen said that 80% of life is simply showing up. It's the showing up when you don't really feel like it, that makes all the difference between people who live the life they define as successful, and those who don't.

This is a time when playing mind games with yourself helps -- just like you do to get yourself to the gym, when you don't feel like it.

Achieving big goals - losing weight, starting a business, writing a book -- all take place step by step. Most people quit when they lose their groove. They give up. They say they just can't do it.

Not you and me.

I got off track earlier today - several things that were supposed to happen, did not, in fact, take place. It wasn't any single thing, but the sum of a bunch of things gone wrong. You know that urge to strangle someone, but you don't want to commit homicide.

I know I have to look at the situation to see how to improve the whole system, but in the heat of a bad moment, fixing things was out of my control.

So I was feeling that grrrr feeling, wondering why I didn't just get a job at McDonald's and forget about it....... And then I went swimming.

I returned a happy camper.

I have internalized the reality that I am responsible for my own happiness. SO, when stuff hits the fan, even though I get mad/frustrated/annoyed/peeved and discouraged, I hear this small voice asking me, "How can you turn this around? How you can just feel a little bit better? Do something!"

You can go swimming, take a walk. You can call a friend to vent, write it all out in your journal, or bury yourself in a good book for 15 minutes.

It doesn't matter what you do, it's up to you to get your groove back. The sooner the better.
BTW, can you believe today is the last day of April????