Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Exchange Your Normal Confidence for Wow

Usually becoming more confident is the top goal for my clients in their work with me. After all, if you're not confident, the rest of the public speaking and presentation techniques won't really work for you.

As I've written here and constantly remind my clients, "Confidence is worth more than money in the bank."

Here are 5 refresher suggestions for getting to wow. Even if you're normally confident, imagine what you might accomplish if you were even more so.

  • Lighten up. Laugh. Just recently I read: We first need to laugh at our mistakes before we can learn from them. --Sonia Choquette.

  • Remember that anything can happen. And no matter what, you can deal with it. Chances are, the outcome will be great...eventually. ;-)

  • Chance favors the prepared mind. So do your homework.

  • Take some time to focus on your desired outcomes. That brings you closer to them, and so you can relax a bit.

  • Forgive yourself, as you forgive others. Nobody's perfect. Give yourself, and others, a break.
A Wow Tuesday to you!