Friday, August 7, 2009

The Most Critical 7 Seconds

I just got back from two lovely days in Charleston, South Carolina. I spent a lot of time talking to a few of the talented and super smart professors at the College of Charleston.

In one conversation, the subject of first impressions came up.

I was reminded of a really important aspect of your presentation. It's a total deal breaker if you don't get it right.

The fact is, your audience takes a whopping 7 seconds to decide if they like you or not. Whether they trust you and want to hear your message.

Getting every detail of your intro is worthy of some serious attention. Starting with your mindset, in 7 seconds your audience takes in what kind of energy you're putting out, how much care you put into your appearance, the tone of your voice, your facial expression and your posture. They may even listen to what you're saying.

7 seconds. What happens in the first 7 seconds of your presentation?