Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Julie, Julia, and Your Life Project

If you haven't seen Julie & Julia, you're missing a treat. Among the movie's themes is the matter of finding a meaningful project, sometimes called a "mission" or your "passion."

Making a living at something meaningful is something to which many of us aspire. Personally, I've never been able to do much work that wasn't meaningful to me -- I just could never stand it (e.g. in my case, administrative work) and never lasted long in those kinds of jobs.

The essence of finding work that moves you is largely a matter of knowing your preferences, and trying things. Just like Julia Child tried hat making, bridge, and then tried French cooking.

Very few people know what they're destined to do on this planet as children. The sad thing is that so many people never discover that work that excite them.

Most of us have this idea that you have two choices: a) you can become a doctor/lawyer/accountant and make lots of money or b) enjoy your work and the poverty that goes with it.

I don't think your choices are that limiting, but finding cool work that pays well is a more intricate and organic journey.

Get clear about all the things you enjoy, the activities that are so compelling to you that time seems to stand still while you're doing them. Don't wait for the lightening to strike you with a divine blue print. Try something and see how it works for you.

Watch Julie and Julia, you might get inspired to write a blog. ;-)