Thursday, August 27, 2009

Things that Cost More but Are Definitely Worth It

Some things in life are free....and fantastic. Like public libraries. In fact, here in Charleston, I've gotten my new library card before getting my S.C. driver's license. Something about priorities.

Other things cost more than their equivalents, but are totally worth it. The fun is finding which products are really worth the higher price, and which are not. Take, for example, pulp-free orange juice.

I'm not really sure my palate is sufficiently sophisticated to notice whether my OJ has pulp in it or not. But that's the first thing Christina asks me about her juice, "Is it pulp-free?" (Ah...the power of marketing!)

Well, I found a trick. Juice made from concentrate really doesn't have any pulp. At least eagle-eyed Christina hasn't been able to find it yet. But, there is inspiration for us: which of your products or services can you offer "pulp free"?

I'm starting this list Things That Cost More But Are Definitely Worth It with just a few items. I'm expecting my dear readers to chip in by sending me more items for the list via email.

Things that Cost More but Are Definitely Worth It:

Puffins cereal. It's $5.00 a box, and for us, that's maximum 5 servings. But it's delicious and healthy and wheat-free.

Cutco knives. I can't believe how good these knives are. I was able to split open some chicken breasts so easily the other day. This line of products truly makes a difference in your joy of cooking.

Personal Coaching. As most of you know, Christine Kane is my coach. Did you know that Jim Carrey has an acting coach? That Winston Churchill had a speech coach? Well, there's a reason. Getting a coach to help you make decisions is what people who want to fast-track to the next step do.

MAC lipstick. Yesterday it lasted through 3 hours of teaching. That's remarkable. And the color selection is unreal. They even have black lipstick, in case you're interested. It's not even that expensive, I think $14.

Greek yogurt. Nancy of Taste and Savor taught me about this in one of her cooking classes. It's creamy and either low-fat or no fat, but has a rich flavor and texture.

Well, let's see what you can think of. Products and services that cost more but are totally worth it. Shoot it to me in an email.

Carrie send these:

Good coffee!! Craig bought 8 o'clock coffee (cheap stuff) and I tried it for 3 mornings before I had to intercede with some French Roast from Whole Foods. Divorce was considered.

Organic milk. It tastes better and lasts longer.

Good haircut/color.