Monday, August 10, 2009

Mixonian HQ Moving to Charleston

Today's post is not about communication; it's a brief version of the story of how Mixonian came to move so quickly and so unexpectedly. If you want a great communication tip, randomly select an old Mixonian post and you will find a message you can use.

This is a lesson in brevity and the use of Occam's Razor. According to Occam's Razor, the best decision is the simplest one. While this may not always pan out for you, certainly when you're in a time crunch, it's helpful. Occam, btw, was a monk. I think he lived in the 14th century.

Background facts:

1. I've been affirming, reminding myself that "I am always at the right place, at the right time, with the right information."

2. I live a super comfortable life, next door to my college-student son, on the same block as two awesome friends, able to walk to work and to the short, it's comfy here. But on the other hand, I've had this feeling that I don't want to spend the rest of my life in Greenville, NC. I seriously investigated moving to Savannah or Atlanta over the summer, but somehow, I did not feel that my intuition was on board with either of those moves.

3. I've also set ambitious intentions to make more income. I realize how poor-minded I've been (very common in academic circles) and have committed to living an even more abundant life.

4. I've been building an incredible coaching practice, working with amazing women who show up and make things happen in their own lives.

So, here's what actually happened:

In the late afternoon of July 28, I was cleaning out a seldom-used email box, one where I subscribe to a national communication list serve. As I'm massively deleting these messages, I notice a full-time speech teaching position at College of Charleston. Interesting. After thinking about it a few minutes, I decide to send my stuff. And I do.

In talking to my friend Ruben that evening, I shared with him what had happened. He suggested that I call the next morning to make sure everything had arrived. On the one hand, I think, how can they not receive my stuff by email? On the other hand, I called first thing Wednesday morning, just to make sure. (Commitment indicator in action.) They had not received it. So I re-sent it, and got confirmation of receipt.

Thursday I got email asking for a group interview by phone on Friday.

Friday we had the group interview. I had a hard time hearing some of the committee members. It's a normal interview, nothing extraordinary. Within an hour of that interview, I got a call from the head of the department, inviting me down for an extended interview/visit to Charleston the following Wednesday and Thursday (Aug. 5 & 6 ). It was an appropriate time for a happy dance.

Looking forward to my expense-paid visit to the beautiful city of Charleston, I spend the Monday and Tuesday before doing my writing, and preparing for the Fearless Leadership Workshop scheduled for the evening of Aug. 6.

I drove down Wednesday morning, have a fabulous time, staying at the beautiful Faculty House of the College of Charleston. Then I drove back Thursday, not rushed, but certainly knowing I need to be somewhere in a big way by 6 that evening. It is a 5-hour drive between Charleston and Greenville.

The department big kahuna called me while I'm en route. Being a lousy multi-tasker, I pulled over to be able to concentrate on the call. Both sides think it's a good fit. My daughters and I are happily moving there on Saturday.

From the day of sending the CV and stuff until moving day: 19 days.

Chance favors the prepared mind. Preparing your mind means getting clear about what you would like to experience.