Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Be Smart Look Good

This is a post about looking good. Another post on style is here.

It really is important to look good, without becoming obsessive about it, not for others, but for yourself.

These ideas are from aesthetic consultant, Carrie Mixon, aka my favorite sister.

These three things look classy on everyone, men and women:

1. Jeans with a white shirt.

2. Black turtleneck.

3. Anything charcoal gray.

Now, what looks good on you?

To answer that, you need to know thyself and until thyself be true. Think about these questions:

1. Which silhouettes favor your figure? To get a handle on that one, think about what you were wearing when someone complimented your looks. Once someone asked me if I were my sister's mother, the outfit I wore that day was burned the very same day.

2. Where are your assets? Hair? Sparkling eyes? Great legs? Tiny waist? While most of us get mixed bags of goods, focus on your best features.

One way to understand your own personal style better is to cut out pictures from magazines that you really like. Take these and either keep a file on them, or better yet, paste them in your journal. Over time, you will see your own personal style developing.

The most important style tip is last: Take care of your body! Eat well, rest, exercise. That's the foundation to being smart, looking good.