Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What About Another Stream of Income?

The jobs cuts and stock market situation have a lot of people thinking about job security, or the lack thereof. The truth is, you work for yourself, whether you're employed full-time or not. If you do have a full-time job, the company who pays you is your client, and you only have one client, perhaps. But, while it's probably a really good one, you might want to diversify your client base.

If you're like most people, you daydream on occasion about doing your own thing. Selling your art, or marketing organic dog treats. The desire to create is an inherent part of being human, and that's a wonderful thing.

Even if you're far too overwhelmed right now to even think about any other activity, it's a good thing to take inventory of your skills, dreams, and ideas. Here's a list of things you can start jotting down, either in your journal, on a Word document, or anywhere. The point is to write it down.

My Creative Genius List:

1. 20 Things I'm good at, at least I used to be good at....

2. 20 Interesting experiences.

3. 20 Things I know about.

4. 20 Things I enjoy.

5. 20 Challenges I've faced.

That should get you started. And that's how incredible projects get done, one step at a time.

For for information about this exercise, click here.