Monday, December 29, 2008

Make Yourself a High Energy Acrostic

As you are probably well aware, there are some emotions, feelings, actions, and reactions that raise your energy level, and others that do the opposite. As it has been said before, your success in life is not the sum of everything that happens to you, but rather the sum of your reactions and interpretations of everything that happens to you.

There are countless events that you can't avoid (e.g. the current financial climate) but you certainly can choose your reaction and attitude toward it, and other things that happen, some of which you wish would not have come into your life.

Here's a fun and creative little exercise you can do to help train your mind to react with high energy, rather than giving in to a low-energy reaction. Make an encouraging acrostic!

If you don't know what an acrostic is, see the example below. It's something much easier to grasp by looking at, not by explaining. You can make one with your name, the name of a loved one, or any word on which you want to focus these days.

To help you raise your personal energy level, I've included a word bank of high-energy words below the Mixonian acrostic. These words are scientifically proven to raise your level of energy; they're from a list in Power Vs. Force, by David Hawkins, MD, PhD.

Merciful. Choosing the most compassionate interpretations of messages & events.

Inventive, on the lookout for new connections among people, things, and ideas.

eXcellent, but not perfect. Doing the best work possible with the resources at hand.

Optimistic people look for opportunities and choose not to make bad situations worse.

Noble, but not pompous.

Inspired to touch and encourage others.

Appreciative of my own qualities and yours.

Nurturing our potential.

High Energy Word Bank:

attentive, accepting, admitting, aesthetic, agreeable, allowing, appreciative, approving, attractive, authoritative, aware

balanced, beautiful, being, believing, brilliant

candid, carefree, challenged, charitable, cheerful, cherishing, choosing to, civil, concerned, conciliatory, confident, confronting (not harassing), conscious, considerate, constructive, contending, courageous

defending, democratic, detached, determined, devoted, diplomatic, doing

educating, egalitarian, empathetic, encouraging, energetic, enlivening, envisioning, equal, essential, eternal, ethical, excellent, experienced

fair, fertile, flexible, forgiving

generous, gentle, gifted, giving, global, gracious, grateful

harmonious, healing, helpful, holistic, honest, honoring, humble, humorous

impartial, ingenious, inspired, intentional, intuitive, inventive, inviting, involved

joyful, just


leading, liberating, long-term, loyal

merciful, modest

natural, noble, nurturing

observant, open, optimistic, orderly, outgoing

patient, peaceful, polite, powerful, praising, principled, prolific, purposeful

receiving, releasing, reliant, requesting, respectful, responsible

satisfied, selective, serene, serving, sharing, significant, sober, spontaneous, spiritual, steadfast

tender, thoughtful, thrifty, timeless, tolerant, trusting, truthful

unifying, unselfish

valuing, virtuous


There you have plenty of words, work on an acrostic and raise your own energy level. By doing so, you will also raise the level of energy of everyone who interacts with you. We are all interconnected.