Friday, December 26, 2008

The Reality Is, Women Inspire

The woman as muse comes across a bit anachronistic these days, but designer, pirate, astronaut, dandy, boxer, superhero, John Galliano, seems to get women. Galliano is now the designer for the House of Dior.

Here's what Galliano said in an interview from Vivre magazine:

Interviewer: What else inspires you?

JG: Women. I love their contradictions, their spirit, their attitude and individuality. Their strength combined with vulnerability. Their curves and their charm. They are fascinating creatures and it's all the curiosities that add together and enchant me. I'm addicted.

Further into the interview, Galliano articulated the transformative power of the right clothes:

...Clothes can be your armour and your disguise; they can make you confident, sexy, studious, romantic....they are the gauge and you control how high the volume goes. I love to observe how clothes transform people.

It's just another reminder, we control more of our reality than we often think. What we wear is a reflection of what's going on inside our heads. The same goes for the way we communicate, and dressing is a significant part of our communication.

To see beautiful clothes and objects from Vivre, click here.

The photo above is of me and my friend and neighbor, Anne. We are not wearing clothing by Dior, or by any other designer, but we manage to inspire each other in our own outfits.