Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Leverage This Free Energy Booster

You may not be surprised to know that kindness carries power. But you may not know that kindness to self also benefits the world. The commandment goes something like, Love Others As You Love Yourself, not Love Others Instead of Yourself.

Research supports the finding that kindness to others raises your energy level, that of the recipient of your kindness, as well as the energy levels of people who observe the act of kindness.

In other words, if you're kind to others, you benefit them, and yourself.

But...the converse is also true. Be kind to yourself, and you benefit others as well.

How does that work? If you do something to make yourself feel better, your energy level rises, and that is contagious. Everyone who comes into contact with you feels a whiff of your positive attitude.

Here's a true confession: I love to stretch my dollars, and I do mean S T R E T C H. It's another way of saying, I can be cheap, especially on myself. I love to find bargains, shop at thrift shops (when they have sales), and use clothing that is DECADES old, especially if it was given to me. It's fun up to a point, but then sometimes I go too far, and I feel cheap, poor, and inferior. And my kids ask what's wrong with me and I may not even know at first.

Being thrifty is good. Being cheap and frugal brings you down. Abundance is evident in nature and it's here for us to enjoy. However, overspending, getting into consumer debt is likewise harmful...to your sense of self, and the energy you radiate.

I'm not even sure I can bring myself to pay full retail for something. Almost everything I own has a story. A tale of how the Heroine beat the system and got a deal to make you drool.

Keep in mind though, that treating yourself as the special person you are, is good for you, good for others. How can you make the world a better place today? With an act of kindness to yourself, or someone else.