Thursday, April 24, 2008

Attitude of Gratitude

Well, you've all heard it before, an attitude of gratitude makes for a happy existence. Trite, perhaps, but absolutely true! Maybe I'm remembering this because it's my last day of class for this semester, and I have a wonderful house guest with me, my sister. When things are manifest the way you want them, it's easy to be grateful.

When things are bothering you, it's even more important to be grateful. Focus on the good things in your life is the most helpful mindset you can have. You see opportunities that would otherwise remain hidden. Life is easier for those people with a positive attitude and there's nothing like a dose of remembering your blessings to straighten out your thinking.

If the words you speak account for only 7% of your message, attitude is probably 95% (Mixonian math). Attitude sets the tone for all your communication, in the most literal sense. Being positive transmits outward through your tone of voice, your posture, your facial expression, and overall energy level. This state of mind is a rich resource, available to everyone.

Several authors recommend writing out a gratitude list. That is a good starting place. Writing down some things for which you're grateful is an outstanding way to begin the day, every day.

Be grateful, not because it's a pious thing to do, give thanks because it's the intelligent way to be.