Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Finishing Unsurmountable Tasks

One experience that both annoys and drains energy is leaving tasks unfinished. Not because you lost interest, which can be the case, but because other things simply took over. When there is a task that appears absolutely impossible, like a dissertation (random example : )), you have to move forward on it every single day.

Another aspect of these types of projects is that they usually involve the collaboration of other people. The other people also have other things to do, and frankly your project may have a pretty low priority on their lists. You still have to move forward each day.

This morning, before dawn, I emailed (for the second time) one simply but crucial paragraph from this dissertation proposal. It's the research question paragraph - a key thing for scholars. It's one single paragraph so I think he can look at that today, and get back to me.

What are you doing to move your biggest project forward?