Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Journaling Craze

A couple of days ago I whipped into Barnes and Noble to see if they had a pretty mechanical pencil (they didn't). I have a copywriting project I've been putting off and I thought getting a lovely pencil would help motivate me but actually a wonderful motivating force appeared in the unexpected urgent need for two new tires!

However, in the brief time I spent inside the bookseller's, I noticed writing journals everywhere! And while I am a strong advocate of journal writing, and decorating them for that matter, my first reaction to seeing all these journals was, "Oh, great, another fad."

So I started this fascinating conversation with myself about what was going on with journal-writing; it seemed that even "normal" people are doing it now.

The answer came clearly and it's obvious once you think about it. Step back a moment and look at all the communication clutter that surrounds us. Messages from all sorts of media 24/7, not to mention the all-knowing voices of friends and family compete for our attention. We are constantly bombarded with messages on how to eat, what to wear, what one million things we should be worrying about, how to raise our kids, how to be successful, etc. With all the options we have today, we need much more clarity to make decisions.

Writing in a journal helps one find her own voice amidst all the cacophony of chattering in the environment. Especially for those who want to please others, writing can help keep track of one's own heart's desire. I recently read that each human person comes into this world with his mission written on his heart. Writing in a journal is a great way to discover, and even refine that mission. At any age.