Tuesday, April 8, 2008

More Creativity for Normal Tasks

I asked my two daughters, aged 10 and 13, to do the same assignment I gave one of my classes about a week ago. After getting through the, "Mom, do we HAVE to..." routine, this is their list.

Ways To Be Creative in Normal Life

1. Instead of chewing your vitamins, swallow them.
2. Play restaurant while you cook.
3. Instead of buying clothes, sew them.
4. While in the car, count cars by colors.
5. While in the car, play games with the letters on the license plates.
6. Get stuff that is used, instead of always buying new (part of our recycle campaign).
7. Get a dog to entertain yourself, instead of playing electronic games.
8. When babysitting, shave a balloon.
9. Have a doll fashion show with the clothes you make for the dolls.
10. Science.

That was their list, done at the kitchen table while I fixed supper. It's a great exercise, at the very least it gets an interesting conversation going.