Friday, April 11, 2008

When Life Throws Up on You

Being positive or not, there are times when so many things go wrong that you can feel like life is just throwing up all over you. You go to the shop to get your tires aligned, and find out you need new tires. The sofa you ordered finally gets delivered, and you hate it. Your flight is delayed, but the airline keeps you in your seat for the duration. You find out that the less qualified candidate got "your" job. The very important email message is apparently ignored by its recipient. And so on....the normal stuff of life for everyone.

The key to not getting derailed from your mission in life is to think "containment". You're feeling less than peppy, try to contain that feeling by taking some time off from being productive and having a small, intimate pity party. But the party has a starting time, and an ending time. You are not going to allow this crud to overflow into your entire life.

If you can reduce the impact of this negative energy by consciously setting boundaries to contain it, and taking time to nurture yourself and get ready to move on, you do yourself and the world a huge service. The best gift you can give is being truly happy - your joy is contagious. Don't let temporary ickiness in life spoil the whole experience.