Thursday, April 17, 2008

Meeting of the Queens

"In life... it's vitally important that you buy your own crown and declare yourself Queen, and then spend the rest of your life living into that."
-- Jill Connor Browne, author of Sweet Potato Queen's Book of Love.

My friend Sally has a tiara in her office. I've never seen her wear it, but its presence on top of her cabinet sends a wonderful message. And she does not work in an ad agency, or publishing house; she works in a fast-growing scientific lab company. And she is treated pretty much like a queen there, as far as I can tell, having spent some time there working on a sales project.

Thinking you're the Queen captures the right attitude for life. Queens know they're powerful, but they're not usually arrogant (that's the Crown Prince for you). Queens are not victims of life and they dress well.

You've heard of JAPs - Jewish American Princesses. Now we have a WAQ - White American Queen. Have a royal day!