Thursday, April 10, 2008

Scheduling Time Off

It's not cool to get a good night's sleep most of the time. The really hot people are so busy they just barely get enough shut eye to make it through. The movers and shakers move and shake so much that they forget what it's like to be quiet. Maybe this hyperactivity is what's behind the growing sleep industry: sleep aids, sleep seminars, and sleep therapy.

I don't think the quality of your work can stay at a high level without rest. And as Christine Kane just pointed out, even music cannot exist without rests built in the composition. Think about it.

On top of getting enough rest at night, we want to have times of rest and contemplation during the week, if not each day. I know some of Mixonian's readers are panting as they read, because they are running so quickly through their weekly activities. Hectic days and weeks are inevitable, what we don't want is a totally hectic life. Think of being frantic and being creative as being opposites.

It's not that anyone can just retire right now. It's about balance, and not fearing the absence of distractions, as it seems most children do these days.

Get out your day scheduler and put in a Very Important Meeting with yourself. There should be only 1 item on the agenda: do nothing. But remember, turn your phone ringer off; no distractions are allowed at this highly important meeting.