Friday, June 13, 2008

20 Things You Can Do This Week-end

A definition of insanity goes something like this: keep doing what you've always done, and expect the results to be different.

Developing one's creativity, setting new goals, and polishing your communication are not ways to (finally) make oneself acceptable, we are actually fine as we are. Nevertheless, there's something innate to the human spirit that yearns for both predictability and surprise, routine and adventure. The following list is fruit of my work in an e-seminar by Christine Kane (there's a link to her blog on the left.) She, and others who have studied human creativity, recommend doing something everyday that you haven't done before- that's quite a challenge.

Here's a list of 20 suggestions from which to choose, or maybe this list will spark a different idea for you. Mixonian welcomes your suggestions. Either leave a comment, or send email to

1. Write an acrostic. In case you don't know what this is, here's an example, using the name "Ann." This is something I learned from the wonderful Merici community in Caracas:

Amazing friend
Naturally beautiful

2. Write a poem. A haiku is a short one to try.

3. Memorize a poem. Try the "Oh, When I Was in Love" from the June 4 post.

4. Decorate a journal with scrapbook paper.

5. Doodle for 10 minutes. This will develop your visual creativity.

6. Clean out an abandoned space in your home or office.

7. Add to your gratitude list.

8. Dress a bit differently from the usual look.

9. Visit your local library and check out a book of non-fiction literature.

10. Get a massage.

11. Teach yourself a word or expression from a foreign language.

12. Visit a museum you haven't seen lately.

13. Sit on your bed and do nothing for 20 minutes. Set a timer from your cell phone. Silence the ringer.

14. If you go to a restaurant, try a new dish.

15. Go to bed early.

16. Get up early. (Makes you healthy, wealthy, and wise :) .)

17. Think of five places you'd really like to visit. Write these in your journal.

18. Read news from a source that's new to you, could be the International Herald Tribune, or a newspaper from Australia.

19. Make your own list of innovations to try in your life.

20. Enter the drawing described in the June 8 post.

Have a restful and creative week-end!