Friday, June 27, 2008

Expand Your Awareness

Yesterday, my daughters' flight arrived from Houston almost 5 hours late. And an airport security official called to let me know that because security closed at 9, I would have to make sure I got there in time to go through security before they closed, even though the flight was not to arrive until close to midnight. The good thing is that this opportunity gave me extra time to think.

I recently learned that the Federal Express logo has an arrow in it. I had never seen it before. Now I do. And last night, on the way home, we got to see the most beautiful, exquisite moon -- it was less than a half moon, and a lovely luminous pinky orange color. Christina commented, "You know, Mom, some people can't see the man in the moon. I don't know how that can be when he's sooooo obvious." I didn't tell her, but it took me many years to see the man in the moon, and yet she's right, he is rather obvious, once you see him.

This blog is about enlightenment and I think enlightenment is almost synonymous with expanding awareness. An enlightened person can see the man in the moon.

A prosperity mentor, Peggy McColl, has taught me that increasing the level of abundance in one's life begins with an awareness of the prosperity that is already there, like the millions of books available for free at the public library, and the unlimited source of great ideas right here in this very house.

In her book, The 21 Distinctions of Wealth, she writes, "Most of us focus on what we lack and overlook our special gifts, qualities, and resources -- whether it's our creativity, our abundant love, our willingness to work hard, our excellent communication skills, our boundless enthusiasm, or some other quality or skill that has great value" (3).

Seeing opportunities for increasing your prosperity are right in front of you -- but you've got to be able to see them.

If you can't see the moon, ask yourself what could be blocking your vision. If you want other changes in your life, ask yourself why you aren't seeing opportunities -- to invest, to save, to learn, to experience. Or, you could ask the man in the moon.