Wednesday, January 28, 2009

11 Ways to Beat Winter Blahs

Well, it's around 70 degrees in my neck of the woods, but overall it's been a C O L D January!!! Last week's snow was fun, but grey cold days can be dreary, and research show this kind of weather affects people's moods.

On top of dreariness, we've got the stock market in the dumps, and a lot of jobs lost. But....gasoline is still pretty cheap and that's $$ in your pocket while it lasts.

Here are some quick tips for getting through wintery blues:

1. Realize that feeling bad about it is optional. Some people actually enjoy winter! So, no matter how icky you feel, you can choose to feel, just a tad better.

2. You know this is coming....get out and exercise. Or go to the gym. Get those endorphins flowing.

3. Call someone you haven't talked to in a while.

4. Light some candles and write in your journal, or paste magazine pictures in it.

5. Make soup. It's healthy, warm, and helps control winter weight gain.

6. Invite people over for coffee or a glass of wine.

7. Visit your local library. Snuggle with a good book!

8. Take a long bubble bath.

9. Get out your art supplies and doodle or draw.

10. Find a cleaning project -- a small one that you can finish. Getting one drawer cleaned is a phenomenal mood booster.

11. Make your own list of Ways to Beat Winter Blahs....and distribute it.

Remember, Groundhog Day is Monday.

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