Thursday, January 29, 2009

What's New in Communication?

Communication is a complex affair. It's not like 1 + 1 = 2. There are so many variables in play, most of which are invisible.

There's never a perfect presentation or letter; but there are plenty of effective messages.

The interesting part about communication today is that many factors are converging to present new challenges, either related to new technology, or to globalization.

What's new in communication? Here's a partial list:

1. E-mail has taken over. The average American worker receives 200 emails a day. Email management is a new industry, email etiquette is a (relatively) new skill set.

2. Presentation skills are more important than ever! More competition + less time + more stuff to do = your presentation better rock or you're out the door.

3. Globalization means it's a multicultural world. A client who doesn't ask questions may mean that client (or prospect) is not getting your message and doesn't feel comfortable asking for clarification. Making assumptions is more dangerous because there are simply more communication variables in play.

4. E-commerce works with rules of its own. Online marketing requires different strategies from brick-and-mortar marketing.

Got something to add to the list? Email me at! The good news is that each change brings opportunity.