Sunday, January 4, 2009

Meaningful Trends for 2009

It's a fascinating time to do business and other projects. Entrepreneurs and other smart people are making predictions about what's sort-a going to happen this year. Here are some that make a lot of sense:

- Upscale or downscale. It's a paradox, but people are either going for the cheapest of the cheap, or the best of the best. Low-end or high-end, but not in-between. This reminds me of advice from my mother about furnishing a house. She said either to get the cheapest piece you can stand (thinking it's temporary), or the best you can possibly afford (thinking long term.)

I think the real growth is providing an opportunity to experience high-end, but for a low overall price. This would include facials, manicures, specialty coffees and chocolates.

Business coach John Assaraf is specifically predicting, among other things, growth in the nail care/day spa industry.

- Buying on the Internet, rather in the store. Ho hum. Didn't we already know that? High prices of gasoline induced more people to shop online, and even though the price of gasoline dropped, the online habit remains.

- Higher unemployment means more entrepreneurship.

- Higher unemployment means more investment in adult education.

- Everyone is expecting the stock market to improve. There's no reason why it shouldn't.

- Products involving recycling and using less water are on the upswing. Again, no surprise here.

- The health care industry continues to grow. Our aging population needs more health care services and products.

There are opportunities all around. Make room for them by clearing out tired and unnecessarily complicated things in your life.