Sunday, January 11, 2009

How Not to Work for a Living

Opportunities multiply as they are seized. --Sun Tzu

Here is a brief explanation of people who don't have to work for a living operate.

According to Robert Kiyosaki, author of the worldwide bestselling Rich Dad Poor Dad book, people can be financially divided into four groups.

The first two groups are classified as active income people. They are called active because they exchange their time for money. No work, no income. Active income people include:

1. The employed - Employees work for a system, a business, a government, not-f0r-profit. This system does not allow much wealth accumulation, but that's where most of us are; our jobs allow us to pay our bills.

2. The self-employed - Self-employed people are another system. If they stop, there is no system left to work on its own. They, like the employed, must work, and exchange their time for money, otherwise; they do not get paid. While self employment allows more financial growth than does employment, most of the time, it does not always allow wealth accumulation.

The next two groups are where you usually find the rich and wealthy, and more importantly, the ones who have both financial freedom and available time. These allow both wealth accumulation and financial liberty and this is where we probably want to go. These are called passive income earners. They are called passive because they do exchange time for money. In other words, they are financially independent. Passive income people include:

3. The business owner - owns a system but does not work in it. A business owner has set up a business in such a way that itis a system that can be run by anybody (just like a fast food franchise). They then hire workers to work within the system, work for them, and bring them money.

4. The investor - invests in a system but does not work in it. An investor has investments in systems that work for them and make them money. Investments can be in other people's businesses, real-estate, and commodities.

The key difference between these two groups, the active and the passive earners is that those in the first group exchange time for money. If they do not give up their time, they are not paid. The people in the second group do not have to do that. They may initially need to spend time setting up the system,but once it is built, they no longer have to exchange their timefor money. They take back control of their time and this enablesthem to live life as they wish. The system works for them and generates income even while they sleep!

This system is the solution. This is especially good for creative people, who want to do something unconventional with their lives. The trick is to find recognize viable investment opportunities and take advantage. Once you start looking, you'll find them.