Monday, February 9, 2009

New Marketing: Tell a Story

As you remember, traditional marketing = product + price + promotion + placement. Notice that product is first. There is this product, or service, and the marketing people have to market it.

That's old paradigm, folks!

New paradigm: create a story for some people, then create a product.

From Tribes, Seth Godin's definition of marketing: the act of telling stories about the things we make -- stories that sell and stories that spread (15).

Most wisdom from Mr. Godin: We're all marketers now.

You may have only one client, your employer, but your "client" better be clear about the value you contribute.

If you're working with numerous (a plethora of) still gotta have your story.

BTW, for communication folks, this reflects rhetoric guy, Walter Fisher's, "Human Communication as Narration" theory. But Seth Godin is a bit closer to cutting edge in business today.

What's the Mixonian story?

Mixonian was started by a barely-computer literate woman about a year ago. She wanted to have some way of connecting to her friends all over the globe, and contribute something to their daily lives as well. In the process, Mixonian brought her new friends, and the blog is about to blossom into a Real Web Site. Mixonian is multidisciplianary, but the idea is to bring useful ideas to her readers Monday - Friday.

The author remains barely computer literate.

Mixonian mindset vitamin: I market myself by sharing relevant and personal stories that reflect my passion and ideas.