Friday, February 20, 2009

Good News about Corrupt Politicians

I have to admit that my finding-the-silver-lining ability was definitely challenged yesterday. I was invited to attend a local political lunch and I went to hear the Republican Senator from North Carolina.

To say his message was depressing, would be a humongous understatement. He was trying to rally the troops - go out there and get people registered to vote Republican....but without really giving us any reason why. The economy's in a mess, and our government responds by offering two providers of bread and circus programs: the popular Democratic pork, or the more tasteful, Republican pork loin. In the end, it's variations on the same pig.

This senator still believes that we just need more government spending to make education more effective. What a novel idea! It works so well.... Obviously, he's never taught in the public school system.

But....Mixonian was not defeated by these tired and corrupt political band-aids.

There are still reasons to be grateful to our U.S. government:

1. We're not in any armed civil conflict.

2. While the economy is reeling, the grocery stores remain open, and most businesses are functioning at some level.

3. Kidnapping is not something we worry about.

4. We can park our cars in almost any place, and we would be truly surprised if those cars would not be where we left them.

5. Being overweight is a much more serious health problem than starvation.

6. We still have libraries. And a lot of libraries offer free computer and Internet use.

7. We are all free to blame, criticize, and whine about any and all elected officials, any aspect of the government, without fear of going to jail for that.

8. We're all free to run for office, lobby, communicate with our government, to try to make it more effective.

So, how's your list? Happy Friday!