Monday, February 16, 2009

Presidential Thoughts...Looks Do Matter

Q. What determines who gets elected to run a country?

A. The person that for most people embodies "this is what our President should look like."

To put it bluntly, Obama is U.S. president because the majority of voters thought he looked like what our president should be, at least compared to McCain. And in Venezuela, Chavez looks like what a significant group of people think their president should look like.

In the U.S., unattractive people don't get elected. At least that's true since Abe Lincoln left office. And Hugo Chavez, Venezuela's president, was a lot better looking when he ran for office the first time, and when he tried to take over the country by force back in 1992.

To succeed as a revolutionary, you gotta look the part. Being tall and handsome and looking good in military green certainly helped Fidel Castro. And if Che had lived to a ripe old age, gotten fat, or lost the hat, I don't think we'd be seeing his image in contemporary leftist chic contexts.

(BTW, I took that picture of Che painted on a wall in Caracas.)

To be first lady in France you have to look like a model, or better yet, be one.

It's the same in every field. Bankers look like bankers, not like grafitti artists. Well, I guess some of them look really like con artists, but they're a minority.

Miranda met a newsreporter for the first time last week; she informed me that, "he looked exactly like what she thought a reporter would look like."

Tenured professors tend to steer clear of fashion, might look too superficial.

Look around you and you'll notice that everyone pretty much dresses for their part at work. That's normal.

The scoop is this. If you want to have a different job, (or a job,) a different position, a different level of life, you might need to reassess the way you present yourself to the world. Nobody is going to take the time to see what you're really like inside.

Mindset vitamin: I put myself out there looking like the person I want to be.

Happy Prez Day.