Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One Killer Investment Opportunity!

What if I were to share with you the one investment that would definitely pay you back?

This investment is not tied to the stock market, and it's not related to real estate. It's not a bond, nor a precious metal.

This investment is YOU!

No job is guaranteed, nor its salary. Value attached to property may go up, but not necessarily when you need it to. The stock market is full of opportunity to make big bucks...and to lose them as well.

The only secure investment you make is in yourself.

That's why we get educated. That's why companies (normally) spend money on training. Training or learning opens your mind, creates new neural pathways to facilitate creative problem solving.

If your company isn't furthering your education, or if you've gotten your "laid off" message in your email box, don't sit back and rot.

Check out the abundance of free instruction on the Internet, free resources at your library, or seeking mentoring.

I liked what Chellie Campbell says in The Wealthy Spirit:

The only net you will ever have is the internal one you make for yourself. It is woven of goals, grit, determination, will, planning, resilience, creativity, and optimism. And the belief that if you fall, you have what it take to get back up (9).

Mixonian mindset vitamin: My investment in myself pays back early, securely, and richly.