Saturday, February 28, 2009

What The Right Attitude Feels Like

My coach is always drilling me about my being clear in what I want, and what I offer my clients. She's got a point, but the nebulous "keep all options open" tendency feels sometimes too comfortable to leave.

Since I'm always drilling my students and clients about having the right attitude about as the foundation for their presentation, I thought I'd share exactly what that attitude feels like.

It's one thing to tell someone to get the right attitude, or even to "shape up or ship out;" it's another thing to gain that balance between being positive and being desperate to make the sale.

Once the right attitude is in place, everything else flows easily and effortlessly.

These are the qualities you should be feeling before your presentation:

- Positive about your message, your product/service.

- Clear about your benefits to the audience.

- Powerful enough to take some risks by sharing a story from your personal life that relates to your message.

- Relaxed. You know it really doesn't matter if you trip over your words, your audience is with you.

- Happy. You've got a captive audience, you know your message, and it's fun to connect with people.

- Enthusiastic, but not pushy. You create tension by letting your audience know how much better/easier their lives would be by accepting your message, but it's their tension, not your pressure.

Presentations are the lifeblood of business and offer you the chance to make your mark in the world. Enjoy!