Sunday, March 29, 2009

Are You Ready for the End of Q1?

Hard to believe, winter is behind us and the first quarter almost so. If you pay much attention to the national news, it's been a tough year. But the news only tells part of the story...the part that makes you scared and tuned in, and the part that makes the ratings and thus advertising income go up.

Have you made progress toward your goals for this year?

Have you dreamed up new projects?

Watch out -- the Mixonian Goal Police may be searching for you as your read this. ;-)

The feeling that you're not getting anywhere, that spinning your wheels sensation, is nothing but frustrating, possible depressing. That's why writing things down lends objectivity -- you see that you are making progress, at least on paper, even when it doesn't feel like it.

One of the high points of defending my dissertation was marking it off my goal list. Now I see every day, on my index card and in my journal, a big goal crossed off. That is a postive reminder that despite all evidence to the contrary (in my mind), I really do get stuff done.

Jack Canfield suggests taking 5 action steps every day toward your biggest goal, and then there's no way you can't make it. Well, 5 steps every day seems like a bit much to me. At least for some days. Still he makes a valid point; even if you just take 10 action steps in a week, you'll still make it.

I read in last month's Inc. magazine in an article by Joel Brodsky an interesting point of view from a venture capitalist. He had asked to her prepare a presentation on why new businesses fail. This was her response:

That would be boring. They all fail for the same reason. People just stop working on their business.

Even if your goal is not entreprenuerial exactly, it's the same thing. Keep moving forward, and you'll reach that goal...and set a new one just as quickly.