Sunday, March 1, 2009

The First Rule About Phone Calls

You probably already know this, but as your communication coach, I remind you that there is one fundamental rule to calling people. Following this rule does not guarantee you'll get what you want from the other person, but not following this rule guarantees you're chances of connecting with the other person are a lot lower.

Ask for permission to talk.

The first thing out of your mouth once you introduce yourself and briefly explain what you want to talk about, is ask, "Do you have time to talk right now?"

The recipient will be pleased that you asked, even if s/he really can't talk right now, probably there's something else going on anyway. (Isn't there always something going on?)

So, you set up another time to call. But you ask the next time too, just to make sure.

Your mother taught you good manners for a reason, so you could lot's of friends and colleagues.