Sunday, March 15, 2009

Why Pets Make You Happy

By Laura Christina. Again.

Pets make you happy because they always seem to understand what you are saying.

When you are feeling sad or disappointed you know you can always tell your pet. They can't go gossip about it, they can't answer back, and they can't be mad.

If you don't have a pet or don't want one you are missing out on a lot of happiness. I know all this because I have experienced this happiness. I have a poodle named Prince. He always makes me laugh. In my previous blog post I said that I was sick. I still am and Prince is here in bed with me keeping me company(apart from my mom who is writing stuff down in her journal).

Also, you can learn a lot from your pet. You learn responsibility, loyalty, trust, and to show love for somebody without even saying anything. Just being there for them. Many people interpret pets differently. Some interpret pets as just being cute and fun to play with(which they are) but they forget that those cute little creatures need training, feeding, walks, love and many other things. Others think that they are life-long companions. Which is what I think.