Friday, March 6, 2009

To Really Improve Your Presentation

If you're serious about making your presentations more persuasive, without getting stressed out, there are many things you can do.

But to begin with, you want to know the truth about how you're doing the presentation right now. And the tough part of improving your presentation is getting honest and informed feedback. You can have a general idea that you'd like to be more relaxed when you present, or that you'd like to experience a higher closing rate, but without seeing yourself, it's confusing to know where to start.

The best tool you can start with is a recording of yourself. Flip cameras are great for this. That's what we use at ECU.

I didn't say watching yourself on video would be fun, but it is the best way to understand how you're coming across right now. You probably already have realized that in communication there can often be a GIGANTIC gap between what you meant to say, and what the other person interpreted. Communication is a process, and to become more effective, it helps to know where you are in that journey.

While you can't control the variables inside the other person's head, you can take more control of the invisible elements in the presentation situation, than you probably realize.

That means an authentic connection with your audience.

The recording does not have to be professional, it just needs to get done, and you.

Happy Friday!