Monday, March 9, 2009

Leaving the Comfort Zone Behind

You're well aware that it's one thing to fantasize about being in a different situation, a different job, or owner of a business; it's quite another to change your reality.

To be sure, the visualization of something different comes first. Those images normally lurk just below the surface of our conscious thoughts. Think about all the criticizing that goes on inside your head. Why does that happen? Because at some level, you know something better is possible. If you don't think something is at all possible, then clearly it's not.

Change involves leaving the comfort zone; and it's called a comfort zone for a reason -- it's quite comfortable.

Quitting smoking, I'm told, is not comfortable for most smokers. But the health benefits of not smoking are certainly inviting.

I know a youngish man who smoked for 22 years and tried EVERYTHING out there to quit. Patches, pills, gums, you name it, he tried it.

He even tried hypnosis. And that worked for awhile, but it was too expensive for him to continue. However, he realized something vitally important, that he could go for a time without smoking. He realized that it was indeed possible to leave the comfort zone.

Soon after that experience, he totally quit smoking -- cold turkey. He was able to be uncomfortable by not smoking when he usually did, because he had a vision of something better, and finally realized that it truly was attainable.

What does leaving the comfort zone look like?

- Making a certain phone call.

- Seeing a doctor about a chronic weight problem.

- Getting a professional photograph taken, when no one is asking you for one.

- Disagreeing with someone without being disagreeable.

- Getting exercise when you don't feel like it.

- Preparing a presentation without bullet points.

- Clearing out the clutter in your bureau.

Take a chance and step out of your comfort zone today. Let your vision for something better be your guide.