Friday, March 20, 2009

Preparing Yourself to Wow a Presentation

As you recall from your college public speaking course, not so long ago, I'm sure, your presentation consists of yourself, your message (complete with verbal and verbal support), and your audience. If you want to really reach out to your audience and establish a fine sense of connection, that process really starts in your head.

I'm getting ready to leave for Virginia to defend my dissertation so these reminders are fresh on my mind -- and I'll be brief!

- Decide how you want to come across. Act as if you already are that impressive "wow" speaker.

- Be rested and hydrated.

- Stretch beforehand and breathe deeply - so that you pooch out your abdomen when you inhale. Exhale as much air as you can.

- Relax. If you can't relax, pretend to relax.

- Remember that your audience, deep inside, wants you to succeed.

- Enjoy.

Have a wonderful Friday!