Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Presentation Bandwagon

Well, it seems like Seth Godin is reading mixonian these days: today his blog is about winning presentations.

He says there are two essential ingredients to a great presentation: love and respect. The speaker loves his audience. The audience respects the speaker.

I can certainly see this in Chavez. Not that all Venezuelans respect him, but a large enough group does respect him. They find in his almost-daily random acts of authority the premise that he is a man of action and they sincerely believe he will take care of them.

Seth is also right about the speaker loving her audience. That's another way of presenting one of mixonian's rants: the presentation is NOT about you, it's about your audience.

What is meant by "loving your audience?" Caring enough to share some important information with them....caring enough to teach them....caring enough to risk rejection to give them the opportunity to buy something you believe will benefit them.

Love and Respect: the foundation for all solid relationships. It's no different for a professional presentation.