Tuesday, May 12, 2009

17 Small Details Add Big Value

You're all too well aware how value-conscious we've become lately. A lot of low-end businesses are doing well, as so many people down-size, or downscale their lives. However, adding value doesn't have to mean cutting prices. Competing on price only is really not fun, or sustainable.

Adding value can be just that - making an item, a service, or an experience more valuable. That means more lovely, more fun, more interesting, more flavor, more helpful, faster, or better.

You probably add value to your life without realizing. Take a moment to think about how you, and your buddies do add value to your personal and professional lives.

Ways we add value:

- Wrapping a gift.

- Changing the numbers on your house to ones that are better designed.

- Using the services of a graphic designer for your business cards and other presentation materials.

- Writing a blog.

- Writing a note of appreciation on nice paper and mailing it.

- Decorating your cubicle or office.

- Displaying original artwork.

- Taking the time to make your message shorter.

- Putting an attractive sticker on outgoing mail. (Stickers are not just for kindergarten!)

- Translating your product or service.

- Taking extra good care of your body.

- Social graces (aka good manners.)

- Incorporating a health awareness program at work. (Admittedly not such a small detail.)

- Learning more about investment opportunities.

- Learning any skill, or how to use any technology gizmo.

- Introducing people to each other.

- Keeping your car clean.

How do you add value? Let us count the ways!