Friday, May 8, 2009

For Grads, Moms and Grad-moms: 9 Random Thoughts on WOW Living

Happy Graduation, Class of 2009!!!! Happy Mother's Day!!!

Mixonian's experience leads her to recommend the following, most of which she tries to put into practice herself, most of the time. These are not in any particular order. There are SO MANY distractions one can easily lose sight of the underlying life purpose, or mission.

1. Writing down your dreams gives you more probability of transforming them into reality. Plus it's good therapy. Clear thinking follows clear writing.

2. What you commit to something as nonnegotiable, your health, for example, your priorities automatically shift. You don't notice it for a while.

3. If you're striving and struggling to make something work, possibly it's not meant to be, for you, at this moment. You may achieve that goal in an unexpected way that is actually better, at a later time. Remember the advice from the 12-Step program, "Let go, and let God."

4. Your nonverbal communication trumps your words 93 to 7. If attitudes don't match the words, you're in deep doo doo.

5. Taking risks is essential for any kind of growth. Also makes life more interesting. And, you can't live without taking risks anyway, just accept that.

6. Your feelings do not need to define you at all time. Look at your emotions as an outsider, trying to identify the triggers. If you're down and out, determine how long you're going to stay there. Then climb out.

7. Baby steps. Taking small actions trumps heroic gestures.

8. Value yourself. Invest in yourself: mind, body, and spirit. That investment actually pays off because it lowers your stress level, so you slow down those negative reactions -- overeating, overshopping, high blood pressure, etc.

9. Have fun. Fun doesn't have to be a Popsicle, it can be vitamin water, Martha Stewart magazine, or take-out from your favorite Thai restaurant. Do this even when it's not Mother's Day.